Artwork, Logo & Product Packaging
The Duke Silver is a studio-grade optical compressor pedal with a powerful set of controls. While various aspects of "The Duke" changed significantly throughout development, the name and overall theme was set early on. In addition to these, another decision we made early on was a silver sparkle powder coat to match Duke's "iconic" saxophone, this helped drive the illustration's color palette.

This illustration was inspired by psychedelic artwork from the 60s and the dark, smoky and atmospheric vibe of classic jazz clubs, not to mention Duke Silver's album cover artwork.

One of my favorite things about this pedal (and the whole Emerson pedal line) is the numerous cutouts to the raw enclosure. We discovered during development that these areas of negative space create a really beautiful mix of textures when paired with the raw powder coat (see it in action here). We ended up loving this direction so much early on with the EM-Drive that it became a mandate for all artwork going forward and a signature aspect of this style. Find out more at Emerson's website here.
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